First Delivery

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, June 21, 2015 - Saturday, June 27, 2015

Farm Share

Our first week!

One week late for a season of nineteen weeks. As usual, we are starting off on the light side, but that will change as time goes on.

Lettuce mix was harvested young, so not the usual yield but successive plantings will be larger for bigger bags.The mix consists of 8 different varieties of different colours and textures developed specifically for mixes. It was best to bag the young kale this time, but so tender that I recommend using this in a salad. Kale and Apple Salad. The baby bok choy is perfect. This mini variety is new for us this season and with these results, you will see this offering again. Great as an addition to Asian inspired soups, stir fry or alone as a side dish. Sauteed Bok Choy. Just a bit of basil to finish a pizza or garnish a pasta. There's plenty more to come with 200 plants in the big house along with the tomatoes and another 200 plants to come. Soon enough there will be plenty for pesto.


We take great care when harvesting your veggies. Very quickly they are processed to provide the highest quality, usually a bath in cold water to remove field heat before landing in the cooler. However clean they may appear, always wash your vegetables!

Some things are bagged, but not always. Unless told otherwise, all the veggies should be bagged and refridgerated for best results.

Farm Life

Lots of  hustle and bustle here on the farm with many plantings of squash, onions & cabbage family. More herbs and carrots seeded with hopes they didn't "wash out" with the heavy rains. Tomatoes and cucumbers are growing so fast you can almost see it and there are lots of green tomatoes and we're just beginning to harvest the cucumbers, so expect them very soon. The endless rains keep setting us back although we forge ahead.