Half Way!

It's true, we've reached Week Ten or "hump week" and the gardens and greenhouses are pushing out so much product it was difficult to select this week's offering. In the true nature of Community Shared Agriculture and taking advantage of what's on, it's a big week! 

Please feel free to return the pint containers for reuse! 

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, August 23, 2015 - Saturday, August 29, 2015

Farm Share

We're starting this week with another either/or scenario; you'll get one and the following week the other. A repeat performance on eggplant  or potatoes.

It's not a typo there will be two kinds of tomatoes this week. Something you haven't gotten yet and a repeat performance of another type.

Cilantro will go great with those tomatoes. This popular and versatile herb is traditionally used in Mexican and Thai cooking. Here's all kinds of recipes to try. A little goes a long way, stand the herb bunch up in a glass with an inch or so of water before refrigerating for best results and I expect you can use the leftovers next week when I see tomatillos in your future.

Still lots of cucumbers on the menu, great in a refreshing drink during these dog days of August.

It's bean season! Lots of purple beans, finally. We had a late start but now that the beans have started, there's a lot more to come and a few different varieties. Time to try something new. The purple bean has great flavour raw but sadly will turn green when cooked.

The cone head cabbage is back. Remember, this cabbage is sweet and tender and great for slaws and salads.

The lettuce selection is green this week, actually a cross between a leaf and a romaine called Concept, offering a tender leaf with good body.

To finish out the offering, last week's either/or option of Zucchini (or summer squash) or a bunch of Rainbow Chard.

beds of beans at different stages

beds of beans at different stages