Summer Has Arrived

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, July 5, 2015 - Saturday, July 11, 2015

Week 3 Farm Share


Beet greens can be used just like chard (a close relative), simply steamed or sauteed, brightened with vinegar or lemon juice or just add butter!. Highly nutritious I think of these greens as "old fashioned", but there are lots of new twists to try.

Not much to say about the green onions other than they're perfect at the moment and can be used from head to toe.

Parsley, either Italian flat leaf or curly, is not just a garnish but a great addition to any pasta, a salad ingredient and an excellent source of vitamins for a boost to juice. Everything you need to know, including storage tips can be found here

A couple of mini cukes to go along with the lettuce, variety Nancy, a cross between a bibb for a silky texture and romaine for crunch.

And for dessert... a sweet treat from TapRoot Farms.

Could it be that summer has arrived? Warm, sunny days and not so cold nights make us very happy as well as the veggies. 

Just a few more beds to cover with biodegradable mulch and we will be firmly on top of the planting schedule. Every so often another planting of lettuce, or cabbage, a second planting of celery....etc., but the pressure is off in that department. Sigh 

Potatoes have been hilled and looking great except those we lost to too much moisture, just empty spaces in the beds. Weeding carrots is now a priority and keeping up with the transplant seeding for later greens will continue for just a couple of weeks longer. Beans and peas continue to be seeded and the last couple of beds of carrots will be in by Sunday.

Very soon, the garlic scapes will be trimmed the zucchini will come on and fingers crossed, tomatoes will begin to ripen.