The Rain Has Come

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, July 26, 2015 - Saturday, August 1, 2015

Farm Share Week 6

Caraflex is a green, summer cabbage with distinct "conehead" shape. Sweet and tender, I always recommend trying this raw in slaws or salads or lightly cooked in stir fry, saute or last minute in soup. Try a twist on the traditional with Asian Coleslaw.

This week's lettuce is a very frilly leaved Lolla variety. Perfect for topping sandwiches or burgers and of course, salads.

Red Beets are packed full of both nutrition and flavour while very versatile from fresh, to side dish to pickled. Here's everything you will ever need to know. The greens are peppered with holes from the dreaded flea beetle, but usable if you choose.

Beans are from TapRoot this time around while our first planting flowers. There are lots on their way so here's a collection of recipes.

Rain, Rain & More Rain

Once it finally started, after many recent promises, it made up for a fairly dry month with over 3 inches in a day or so. The gardens were very dry and causing concern without irrigation for these moments, another reason for the use of the bio mulch to conserve soil moisture. We are expecting an explosion of growth with so many items just on the cusp. More choices are on their way...

Zucchini are rebounding from what appears to have been a period without pollinators. Perhaps too hot or too overcast. Tomatoes are beginning to ripen with the farmers enjoying the first and now a few for market. Eggplant are forming, celery is plumping and hopefully potatoes, too but it's hard to gauge their progress. Soon time for some digging. Carrots are coming along and although a ways off, perfect little squashes are forming. The rewards of patience will soon be upon us.

Do you know what these are?

Can you name the veggies??