Week 2

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, June 28, 2015 - Saturday, July 4, 2015


This week's offering includes o large bunch of Japanese Turnip or Hakurei. This small root with greens is reminiscent of radish but has a very tender flesh with a fruity sweetness. Great raw or slightly cooked, and forget the greens. Try them sauteed with this recipe. Remember this bunch is probably twice the normal size.  

Spinach! For those of you who have been with us for a few years, you'll remember the spinach disasters of the past. No weeds this year. All from transplants and planted into corn plastic mulch.

Red chard is an excellent green and can be simply sauteed or steamed, and be sure to use the stems, or jazz it up with bacon!

Lastly, some more salad ingredients with red leaf lettuce and one of our mini greenhouse cucumbers. The cucumber is really just a tease as production is just starting, but soon enough you will get these tasty morsels regularly. The challenge will be to get them home without eating them on your drive.

Life on the Farm

We're still getting lots of things planted and after this week we will be on track. I won't complain about the regular rains that have thwarted some of our planting efforts. They're a gift which in past seasons have been missing. It's the cool temperatures that are now a bit of a concern. Night time temperatures need to be 15 degrees or more to continue growth, so at this point it's slow growing. I'm hopeful that summer will finally join us and everything will take off.