Week Eleven

Week 11

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, August 30, 2015 - Saturday, September 5, 2015

Farm Share

Your either or selection Yukon Gold Potatoes or Eggplant. These yellow fleshed potatoes are a favorite in our house. Great roasted, fried, mashed or smashed. Eggplant may be Italian globe or Asian long.

The mini cucumbers are dwindling quickly after over two months of production so we will now move to the large Tasty Jade. This "English" type should be bagged for storage, it too has tender skin.

Again, two selections of tomatoes and if my planning works out, you should have had them all at least once after this week.

Garlic has been curing for a few weeks, but still juicy and flavourful. Along with the large bag of Basil and Pesto seems in order. Pesto can be frozen in ice cube trays  for convenience. Not just for pasta, try Pesto Chicken.

 Simply steamed, the Green Beans are tender and tasty. Beans, beans, beans....soon yellow and Dragon Tongue - you'll see.

Tomatillos or Mexican tomatoes make many Mexican dishes green like Salsa Verde but can be used many ways in enchiladas, casseroles, stews. Learn more here.

Ground Cherries are closely related to the tomatillos and also come with their own paper wrapper. If you did not get this little surprise last week, you will this week. We have to wait for them to naturally fall to the ground for the perfect, pineapple flavoured morsel. Often used in pies and preserves, this amount is about snacking.