Week Twelve

Week 12

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, September 6, 2015 - Saturday, September 12, 2015

Farm Share

Another big offering and we've reached the milestone on average number of items and average value despite the light start and 19 week season.

Cucumbers are still producing, but nothing like peak season, but you will see some combination of the larger Asian, Tasty Jade or small Katrina.

Lettuces prefer cooler weather so having anything in hot, dry August or early September is somewhat impressive. It's small as a result and maybe not as tasty, but beautiful with a repeat performance of Red Oakleaf.

This week's bean colour is yellow. Beans will be a regular item for a few more weeks. Let's try grilling them this time.

Tomatoes are on the menu, the kind will depend on where you are and when.

A beet by any other name.... This week Golden Beets with tangerine flesh. Prepare as you normally would. I simple simmer in water until fork tender and once a little cooler, slip the skins off and go from there. Less "bleeding" with this orange variety.

We are now entering into bulb onion time starting with the sweet, white Sierra Blanca. Great raw, as rings, sauteed for even more sweetness or on the grill. Not considered a storage onion, best kept in the fridge.

Sweet peppers, a couple red and a couple of yellow. Patience has paid off since all peppers start green and then slowly turn colour and sweeten at that same time. These two are considered Italian frying peppers so a long slow simmer with white onions, your favorite sausage and crusty bread....yumm. Roasted or raw is not out of the question, either.

From TapRoot Farms, broccoli! We gave up trying to grow broccoli a few years back, but when it's this beautiful, I couldn't resist outsourcing.  Great this time of year for fresh salads and the white onions will be a perfect substitute for the traditional red. We also gave up on cauliflower and this year I wanted to try again. First planting: fail, more optimistic about the fall plantings......we'll see.

Coming soon.....carrots will be on the menu as soon as the soil is less like cement or the temperatures become seasonal instead of 30+. More potatoes, onions, leeks, squash, celery, fennel.......the season's a changing.