What? No Lettuce

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, August 9, 2015 - Saturday, August 15, 2015

Farm Share

No lettuce this week eight, but more to come as successive plantings are doing well, with weekly plantings and one last tray seeding.

You will find a heavy pint of tomatoes, mix of the smaller red Mountain Magic and orange Clementine. Cucumbers and dill sounds like a refreshing Tzatziki could be in your future. Basil again, matches well with tomatoes for a simple salad and there is also Pesto to consider. Tired of carbs in traditional pasta? Consider zucchini noodles as an alternative offering up some great new recipes like Pad Thai without those carbohydrates.

When the option is either or,  some shareholders will get one item while the rest will get the other item and next week, vice versa. This method will accommodate the gardens, on occasion. This week the switch hitters are eggplant or more tomatoes. You may receive roundish Italian "globe" eggplant or  long, slender Asian variety. New to eggplant? Here's everything you will ever need to know, with so many recipe options.

Lastly, new red potatoes and red cabbage. When potatoes are new, it's just great to simply boil and serve with a little butter but great chilled in potato salad, too. The tender, summer variety of cabbage makes a colourful option for slaw or a sweet sidedish.

Farm Update

From very dry to very wet and back again...so goes the summer, but it seems the weather does cooperate "just in the nick of time".

Still planting, still weeding and now lots of harvesting including the garlic, which is looking great this year with big, beautiful bulbs. Greenhouses are spitting out cucumbers, tomatoes and basil while the beans and peas are in flower for near in the future harvests. Lots of carrot tops and with some more patience, there will be more carrots and some quite colourful. And then there will be the fall harvests....but too soon to talk about that.